Getting started with competitive programming.

This post covers some good resources that you can use to learn and grow as a competitive programmer in four phases. It also shows how to play the catch up game if you're stuck and you feel that your progress is halted. This step by step guide lists all the important resources which you can use in this jouney to speed up your growth. Resources maily comprise of competitive programming courses, algorithm courses and websites hosting competitions along with some good blog articles.

Anoxic conditions promote specific-specific mutualism between gut microbes in silico.

A summary of the paper by Almut Heinken and Ines Thiele on community interaction of human-gut microbes with gut enterocytes based on different diets. This article covers the results comprising of all the possible community interactions of the eleven gut microbes based on different diets and interaction with the gut enterocytes.

Link the crazy domains url to the github pages jekyll website.

This post is about linking your github pages site to the crazy domains url in just 2 easy steps. Github-pages support jekyll powerd sites and provide free hosting.